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How to Make Cs 1.6 Dedicated Server Online

Hi Friends Greeting from GameLoversPro in This Tutotial I will teach you how to make counter Strike 1.6 dedicated server online. If you want to make cs 1.6 server on your PC make sure you are full filling all these specifications.

  • Windows XP
  • Processor 1000 ghz, 
  • Memory 256 ram
  • Connexion to internet
  • 300 - 400 MB free space on disk
I will show you Step by Step with Complete Guidence that how to make cs 1.6 server.You Just Follow these instruction quite attentively.

1. Connect to the internet  
2. Download the Cs 1.6 Server Creator by  Click Here and extract it on the desktop or any where else you want.
3. Create a new folder on your drive and named it "HLDS" . You can named it whatever you want but by default here we are using this .

 4. Now Run the installer.exe and when the windows location window appeared select the "HLDS" folder you have created before. 

Press OK and wait a few seconds . 

A blue/black window will appear on screen showing the scroll of the installation downloading files from the server .

At This Point all files of cs 1.6 server was downloading in the HLDS folder It takes some time and depends on your internet connection to complete the all files to be download.

When the install finishes his all downloads. Its shows 100% 
One more indication for the confirmation that the server was fully downloaded and correct isthat the HLDS folder was about 315 mb in size

lets we take an Overview it should be like this.
 how to make cs 1.6 server
 Now open the cstrike folder , that should look like this 
 how to make cs 1.6 server

 5. We make our server to allow the non Steam users to be able to connect our server in order to do so we must have to download and use the one of the following method.

  • 5.1 Rcommended - We can Use the Dual protocol method (47+48). Download Dproto 0.4.1+Fix.exe, run  it and choose as installation folder, it should be  main directory of your server. (HLDS). Like HLDS\cstrike\addons\metamod

    After it open plugins.ini and paste this line the this last:
win32 addons\dproto\dproto.dll

  • 5.2The other method is to remove th old swds.dll files from the updated one. Download it fron this link . run the exe and chose as installation folder, the main directory of your server (HLDS).
If you want a Steam Only dedicated server, just skip this step !

6. Next step is to configure the server.cfg in order to make your server work on the internet Go to HLDS\cstrike folder and paste the server.cfg file provided by us click here.

Note : Your Internet Port Must have been Forward to connect the non Steam user to yout server by internet.

If You Don't know how to forward port click here to learn how to forward the internet DSL modem port.

8. Now we  go to HLDS\cstrike\liblist.gam , open it with Notepad/Wordpad and add this line at end:

gamedll "addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll"

9. Now its time to trun your server on, Make a  shortcut of hlds.exe file on your desktop and run it. Set the Server Name and choose your map, port and RCON Password and click Start Server .Hlds.exe file is located inside your main directory (HLDS).
The installer automatically installed Amx Mod X 1.8.1 on your server. Amx Mod X helps you to administrate your server ( change maps, set up cvars, kick players) and shows the game statistics .
Enjoy Playing on the Server With Your Friends.
Briefly Described Tutorial By GameLoverPro Efforts. Please Comment and Share with you friends.


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